Alton Morris

Alton Morris is a lively, friendly side for both men and women, dancing in the Border style. You can see us during the summer months at a variety of festivals and local pubs. From October to April, we practise weekly at Alton Infant School. New dancers and musicians are always very welcome, so if you are interested please get in touch. No experience required!

  • Learn to Morris Dance with Us!

    Now is the season when we learn all of our dances for next year, so it is a perfect time to come along and give Morris Dancing a go.

    It’s great fun and the perfect way to de-stress, whilst getting a bit of exercise.

  • Our next gig ……..

    New Years Day in Alton Market Square. Come along, have some fun and blow the Christmas cobwebs away!

    Keep an eye on our website to see where else we are planning to be performing.

  • Open Evenings

    If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to hit someone very hard with a long stick, now’s your chance! Alton Morris are in teaching mode on Fridays at 8pm at our usual practice venue, Alton Infants School. This is your chance to come and learn a couple of dances, or play a couple of tunes (or both) men and women are welcome, (over 16s please). No dance experience is necessary. but please bring your own instrument if you want to play, and you should have some basic knowledge of your instrument. This event is FREE, yes, FREE! So come and have a go, and, if you like it, talk to the Squire about joining the side. Afterwards, join us at the local pub if you would like to!

    Please contact us to get full details and to ensure that you can get a place…

    (The entrance to the Infant School is in Victoria Road, behind the school, and there is parking)

  • Performing at Holybourne Theatre.

    Last December we were at the Holybourne Theatre giving them a donation to help them with their disabled access updates.  We performed a couple of dances and watched their rehearsals.

  • Ever fancied having a go yourself? Come along to our Taster Open Night on Friday 12th and 19th October at Alton Infant School! 8pm, entrance in Victoria Road. Men and women welcome, no experience necessary, free entrance.

  • A great day entertaining the crowds at Blackmoor Apple Fair in 2017 and we will be there again on 14th October in 2018!

  • New squire announced!

    After careful deliberation, the slippery Kastonian was announced as the new Squire, under the watchful gaze and tuition of the Alton Morris resident sage and wise woman Ann, and new foreman, Trish. Kaston proudly proclaims “I may not be totally reliable,  but I did win the skipping race when I was 10, so I think I’m up to the task” ?

  • The Alton Morris 2018 Programme

    Our programme of dancing published. Please view to our calendar to see where we will be dancing during the coming season.


  • Alton Morris Support HomeStart Wey-Water
    Alton Morris was at The George, Butts Lane, Alton to hand over a £500 cheque to Home-Start WeyWater. This will be matched by the Four Acres Trust making a whopping £1,000 for this local charity.
    Alton Morris are always looking for new people to learn to be dancers and musicians to help carry on their traditional morris dance performances around the town and further afield into the future.
  • The Next Generation of Dancers

    Three Alton Morris dancers got the “Thumbs Up” from the 1st Liss Beaver Scouts on Friday after helping them learn about the traditional and culture of each of the countries that make up the United Kingdom, and earn a Challenge badge.

    Dressed in the style of three different Morris traditions they demonstrated some of these features before teaching the Beavers to dance themselves.

    The very enthusiastic and noisy response showed how much fun they were having. These are the Morris dancers of the future after all, so why would they not enjoy themselves.

    Thanks to Kevin (Acorn) for inviting us.