About Us

Alton Morris is a mixed border morris dance team based in the town of Alton, Hampshire.

Alton Morris started as a men’s Cotswold side in 1979 and continued in this incarnation until 1991. Their distinctive red woollen hats were copied from the brewer’s hat seen in the town museum and they used a local lion hop mark as a logo.

The first public performance of Alton Morris in its Border incarnation was in October 1991, when the side performed at a Tree Aid Barn Dance in the Alton Assembly Rooms.

The 1992 season saw the side dance out a mix of Border, some Cotswold dances by the men when numbers allowed, and a couple of dances by the women. At the end the first experimental season the side decided to concentrate solely on the mixed Border dances. Since then the side has danced at most of the main festivals in the south of England, including Rochester, Wimborne, Sidmouth and Chippenham.